Monday, November 24, 2008

An Interesting Thank You

Most days I wear a basic uniform of jeans and more often than not a white t-shirt. I wear them with my jeans, with cargo shorts, under my sailing bibs, to bed with PJ bottoms, under my button down shirts when I go to work, etc. Truth is, if I am not showering or swimming (or doing any other naked-type things) there is a high likelihood I am wearing a white t-shirt. I like 'em. Like the way they feel. Like the way they look. Like the simplicity. But not all t-shirts are created equal and I like the Nautica men's white crew size L (and not just because they come with a little blue sail embroidered on the bottom).

I order a few packages of these t-shirts as the old one's get dingy or stained by my uncoordinated meanderings through this red wine, red-sauce, dirt and grease filled world. I order these t-shirts online from a company named "Freshpair." My most recent order of shirts arrived this week with a little note from the president of Freshpair. This is what it said:

Thank you! We're honored you've chosen us to help enhance your underwear collection. We hope you'll be back soon to browse our virtual aisles again.

Michael Kleinmann

"Enhance" my "underwear collection"? Yes, my standard Nautica mens white crew t-shirts size large have really enhanced my extensive and varied underwear collection. I simply sparkle and am the envy of many. So enhanced is my underwear collection that people have been coming up to me asking, "wow, you look so good....what have you been doing lately?" I shrug and say, "it's nothin'....I just enhanced my underwear collection with sparkly new white t-shirts from Freshpair."

Note: My middle-aged female body looks nothing like the male model in the picture...but isn't that t-shirt just fabulous?!

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