Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Best Welcome Home

I threw myself a welcome home brunch the day after the night I got back to Oakland, Ca...the end of a four and a half week trip to Honduras and Guatemala. Some of my most important peeps were on hand, including (the ex-New Yorkers gone Chicagoans) Andy and Jo and their gorgeous kids. There was the ever so pregnant Karen who was actually due that day but Calder decided to wait until Friday to pop out. And other biological and chosen family members including my niece Devyn, who I could swear matured five years since I last saw her which was actually on Thanksgiving (she turns 11 years old tomorrow).

Well, Devyn being the sweet soul she is wrote me a little welcome home poem I cannot not share. Here it is:

Gone for so long
Under the hot sun
A certified diver, oh what fun
Time and time again
Ever so caring
My friend, my aunt
Always incredibly loving
Love you
Aunt Mer

Please note what the first letter of each line spells.

What a treat. It was a nice transition back into to the more placid life I live here in the United States.

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