Friday, October 31, 2008

Back To Central America!

The thing about traveling far, making new friends, finding new places and people to love...the thing about it is I gotta go back. I gotta hug my new friends again, share another drink, see the place with fresh eyes, experience the old-new as the now-a-bit-familiar, experience the returning...and surprise everyone by keeping my damn word. Show them all I meant it when I said I would be back. And so I am going. Another December in the lower latitudes...another holiday season in Antigua with my new brothers and sisters. This time I go with a clear head, a mostly healed heart, and just a little bit, and I mean a little bit more Spanish.

I will again write a rough-on-the-go journal sitting in uncomfortable chairs in cramped internet cafes in unlikely places. I decided to revive my travel blog for these sloppy ramblings. So if you wanna know what I am doing in December go to:

And for those who might be interested here's the general plan.

November 30
LA to Guatemala City and Antigua, Guatemala

December 12
To La Ceiba, Honduras

December 13-20
To Utila (The Bay Islands), Honduras

December 20
Back to Antigua, GT

January 2, 2009
Guatemala City to LA

January 3, 2009
LA to Oakland

I also intend to see the Pacific Coast of Guatemala (the sea turtle hatchery in Monterrico) and head into El Salvador at some point....alone. It's gonna be good even when it's not. Even when it's hot and crowded and bumpy and buggy and scary and lonely. Even then.

I really like hearing from folks when I am traveling for I encourage you to make a comment on the blog or shoot me an email. Trust me, it will mean a lot.

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