Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tales From the Bungalow

Jimmy and I out for a drink on Friday night. I pick him up at Ben 'n Nicks where he has landed after an REM concert. He's got a head start. We head to the Lucky Lounge. Too many home boys and our black boots and 501s don't mix with all the baggy pants and white tennis shoes. It's not our scene. We check out The Ally. But this neighborhood tavern/piano bar was positively geriatric...not saying that is inherently a problem, but we weren't in the mood. So we end up at the gay bar around the corner. A couple Coronas and a shot of tequila poured by a lovely and flirty bartender who matches me with a toast and a squeeze of lime. Jimmy gets chatted up by a switch-hitter....women love him, even in gay bars.

We get home late and Jimmy is lit and starving. He makes scrambled eggs and toasts a piece of bread over the stove flame while drunkenly cursing me for not owning a toaster. He gets eggs on the floor I just mopped...I watch him from the deck, laughing. Cosmo eats the fallen eggs and Jimmy eats his fare from a paper towel while I make fun of him (I DO own plates!). Here are a couple shots I took of the action at the bungalow at 2:30 in the morning.

Cosmo always hoping for mistakes made by human-food-handlers...Jimmy proves fruitful tonight!
I like this shot...it captures something I can't find words for. Took the pics with no flash and I like the blurring affect and the lighting that resulted. The kitchen shot flooded by the track light....the porch shot, Jimmy silhouetted by the kitchen light juxtaposed with the yellow porch light. It speaks something of the mood of the night.

And the parting shot, a tribute to Jimmy's ineffable good nature. Breakfast of champions! Of course none of these shots can capture the crude hilarious conversation taking place at the time...it is a strange little middle-aged-queer-straight-family-bachelor pad Jimmy and I are creating!

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Lauri said...

I can hear, smell, taste, laugh every minute of it. Love you,