Friday, January 11, 2008

Photo Shoot With My Bro...2006

My bro Jimmy is one of my best friends in the whole world. He is hilarious, loving, scruffy faced and very independent. One weekend he was visiting from Long Beach and we went out to dinner, had a few drinks, came home, kept drinking and somehow the night turned into me doing an Annie Liebowitz impersonation, bossing Jimmy around, insisting on wardrobe changes....instructing him into different poses and demanding moods and expressions. The fruits of this drunken evening include some pretty interesting shots. After accidentally printing every picture that night (I am not the most technically adroit on a computer...especially when tipsy) I learned that my brother is very photogenic...very handsome in front of the camera.

He is such a good sport, so willing...and we laughed all night and had fodder for weeks. There are some wardrobe changes that my brother willingly complied with but refuses to let me share with the world (I mean come on, I am his very butch-gender bending sis....such things should only be expected). Too bad, he looks really really good....maybe someday. But for now, here are some highlights for you all to enjoy.

That's all for now.....thanks Jimmy. You're the best.

He let me post it!! Here it is! Saucy!!

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