Friday, January 15, 2010

Travel Goals for 2010

I am middle-aged, single, able bodied, and I make a decent living and have a somewhat flexible it is all about traveling these days. Has been for the past two years. 2009 was a good year in this regard and I have set even loftier goals for the coming 300+ days. They are:
  • Eat oysters and drink champagne in Paris with my "literate drunk" friend Catherine...and then hit a couple of dyke bars! (DONE, mostly, Fall 2011)
  • Pet whales in San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja, Mexico...and arrive by vintage plane flying out of Tijuana (see pic of plane...this one is already booked! Celebrating Catherine's big 50.) (DONE!! AND IT WAS AWESOME!!)
  • Paint the Big Apple red! A long spring weekend in NYC with Jimmy. Watch out! (DONE! HILARIOUS FUN!)
  • Kayak fish on Mission bay, San my new rod holders ready to go. Then head to Deb's place in Baja...K-74 here I come again!
  • Shark cage in Hawaii with my kid sis? Could this be the year we make it happen?
  • Guate Guate Guate again but of course! Got too many damn friends down there now (too bad Jimmy is afraid of developing countries and will never ever come with me....not after the stories he's heard, from me. Guns, robberies, rapes, and drunk hit-men and the like...oh well). (DONE, as usual)
  • Dave has a new raft and I have told him I plan on running class 3 & 4 all over California and casting for rainbows...his response? "I insist!" (DONE!)
  • And the usual trips south to surf and be lazy on the beach and eat salmon at Walt's Warf and laugh with Marcy and Jonald. (DONE!)
That's my story and I am going to try really damn hard to stick to it!!

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