Wednesday, May 14, 2008

“Oh boy…”

This is not something you wanna hear uttered from the mouth of your doctor! But today, that’s exactly what was said as Dr. Bruce rubbed my back, felt my spine and shoulders….”oh boy.” Of course I started laughing and explaining that these were not reassuring words to hear. Bruce is a kind man, a gay man, a family man with strong, confident hands and a quirky sense of humor. Our appointments are always a nice blend of me moaning and the both of us giggling….me confessing my self-abuses, Bruce counseling me, giving me instructions for stretches and telling me what I already know and need only get better about practicing. So after he opined about how bad my back looked, we got to talking about the things you don’t ever wanna hear your doctor say, like “woops” or “it’s bad” or “oh boy” (with a sigh).

This of course led me to share one of the most unusual compliments I ever received. Last year I had to have surgery to remove an ovary because of a cyst. It was done laprascopically and I had the strange privilege of getting pictures of the procedure….pictures from the inside. I took these strange photos with me to my appointment with my regular doctor, Beth. Beth studied the photos and without looking up said, “You have very nice looking insides.” I said, “Beth are you kidding me?” “No! You have very healthy looking insides.” Of course I laughed and also felt good that my doctor was telling me my guts looked healthy.

When I shared this story Bruce laughed and said, “ baby! You could probably attract a doctor!” I cracked the fuck up! So now I am sitting here pondering the wisdom of adding to my personals profile one or two glossy’s of my guts. Hmmm.

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