Sunday, March 18, 2012

Conversations With Trent: Justin Bieber

I was hanging out with my niece, Devyn, 14, and my nephew, Trent, 11, when the topic of Justin Bieber somehow came up.  I asked them if they liked the Bieber and they both responded with an emphatic "no" and a look of disgust.  And so I asked them who their favorite singers were these days.  Trent belted out, "Mer and the Cosmics."  I grinned and nodded, "good one Trent."  He's a sweet, clever kid who is mastering the art of aunt-flattery.  And he adores Cosmo.  But I persisted, "no really, who's your favorite band?"  Trent, without hesitation, responded "Elbow."  Elbow, folks.  The kid is 11 and his favorite band is Elbow.  And he hates Justin Beiber.  And after a minute he added Coldplay, U2, and Luna. 

I'd say Juls and Ron are doing a pretty good job raising those youngin's.