Monday, July 2, 2012

Conversations with Jimmy: Unreasonable Expectations

My poor brother had a terrible Sunday after he apparently got food poisoning from dinner the night before.  He spent the day sweating, barfing, hyperventilating, and laying on the couch moaning.  At one point he asked me to stay near him during a barf session so I could help him if he passed out, hit his head, and choked on his vomit. It was not a good day for Jimmy.

But true to our family's humor tradition, Jimmy camped it up with his whiny complaints and I made mild fun of his patheticness (he would have done the same for me had I been the sick one).

Today was a better day for the ol' boy.  He spent it on the couch watching stupid TV and waiting to regain his strength.  At dinner time he wandered into my office and started complaining about having cabin fever and asserted that I needed to take him to dinner because he was still a sickness ravaged poor pathetic soul.  So we get in the car and the following conversation occurred.

Jimmy: (in a super whiny voice while desperately flapping the sun visor about) "The sun, it's so bright."

Mer: "Well I am sorry Jimmy, but I can't move the celestial bodies around for you."

Jimmy: (in a sad, whiny voice) "Well you could at least try."

After getting some food in his body, and the sun setting, he's doing much better.

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