Monday, January 10, 2011


There's a certain perversion in holding a piece of photo paper and having one's past stare back...seeing the eyes of a you that no longer exists, a 12 or 20 or 30 year old Mer who in my mind's eye has become sanded soft and distant, safe even. And then there she is, two dimensional but slightly animated nonetheless, present in some sort of perverted resurrection. It fucks with the mind, jolts one back to a place that maybe one need not or should not go.


Lauri said...

Love it. I feel like I have lived so many lifetimes and I am only 42. I am lucky. Diverse. Evolving. I am one who likes to get lost so I can find my way again. More literal than metaphoric. I like all the experiences....I guess is what I am trying to say. Lets hope your demons stay in embedded in the noir ink they are in.

Mer said...

LOL! Yes, let's hope they do! xox